LOVEKimmy Catalog

Welcome to LOVEKimmy Catalog

where every item is carefully chosen for its unique personal touch. Founded during the transformative year of 2020, our company swiftly became a beacon for those seeking to infuse their events and projects with a distinctly feminine touch. Specializing in custom-crafted pieces, we are committed to delivering not only a product but an experience—a celebration of individuality and quality in every order.


Kimberly Galeano stands at the helm of LOVEKimmy Catalog as both the owner and the creator, embodying the spirit of a lifelong artist. Her educational background in art established a strong foundation. However, it was the challenge of building a Shopify store during the global pandemic that truly showcased her talents. With an undying passion for all things creative, Kimberly's hands-on approach has guided the company from a small Etsy shop to a thriving haven for personalized gifting.


Our mission is to provide a sanctuary for personalized creativity. Every product is crafted to fulfill a need and capture the essence of our client's visions.